Wednesday 15 April 2015

FAT Man Talking... not sweet.

It's being a while i decided to blog again. Still remember how I was inspired to start blogging because a staff cum friend, despite having terminal cancer, she still press on in accomplish what she wants to accomplish in life. And this time round, my inspiration to blog is no other but our Singapore's founding father Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.
Mr. Lee Kuan Yew jogging. Photo source: Straits Time

Watching some of his documentary and realized how hard working he was to keep healthy. Be it swimming, stationary bikes or even jogging. Also chance upon one part of the documentary where someone mentioned he gave up his favourite golf for some other exercises that scientifically proven better for cardiovascular; telling us how much he is willing to cross his comfort zone to stay healthy.

All these reminded me on how lazy I am at times when it comes to keep fit; always finding all sorts of excuses that includes "walking to kitchen to get my can of beer from fridge" as a form of "exercise". 
That links me back to what my post title is... FAT Man Talking is not Sweet (at all)! I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!!

Those that knows me for many years realized how rubber band my weight can get. This was me in my early teens...

And interestingly, during my "prime" years, my waist line reaches 32, still 6 inches far more than Karl's Lagerfeld view of perfection of 26, but I was really happy with that achievement...

When i just open my little lolly shop near my neighborhood, my body weight was comfortable, BMI considered healthy but not perfect....
Photo taken during grand opening of LollyTalk
with my friend Jeffery

Life is not always a bed of vegetables... sometimes you lose it, sometimes you gain it.. including weight.
Just within 2 years, my body weight gained 25kg (stop guessing my weight now... so embarrassing).

Some says it is due to the lollies i being eating, but seriously, I know deep inside what happened...
1. Lack of serious cardio-exercise. Yes, making candy is energy consuming, and it makes me more hungry than ever. Tends to eat more than required.
Having a feast at the back lane of my little lolly shop

2. Long hours of "forgetting to eat" hence "Bruncherper" (breakfast cum lunch cum dinner cum supper) isn't that healthy. Not sure if the late night hours affect me too?

3. My hobby of experimenting with food and the habit of not wanting to waste food... These two don't goes well together.

4. Travelling to places like Penang, Kuching, Muar, JB... errrr... Can figured out what happened during those trips?

5. Habit of snacking (I was chatting with my blogger friend Cookies while blogging and she asking me to control my food, I was basically snacking while she says that to me)...

Honestly, I didn't really noticed of my own weight gain at first (or maybe I should say I wasn't worried at first?) until i had an interview last year with MediaCorp Channel U...

When I look at the footages over the TV, I see a FAT Man Talking.... not sweet.

I have gained so much weight just after two years, and this was me at MediaCorp Suria Channel, just  years ago...

And so.... I decided it is time that i should take my weight back into control.

In coming blogs, i going to share more and more what I am going to do and what I am doing (or maybe what I am not doing) to keep my weight in control. I being procrastinated to write this blog, worrying that this will come back to haunt me in coming days if my weight goes up further... but... like all great politicians who strive to remain transparent, I need to let public to scrutinise me on my journey to lose weight too! Not that people cares... but by sharing, hopefully I can inspire someone too to achieve that something special you always wanted to do?