Thursday 19 June 2014

A Visit of my Dancing Khakis that brings back memories of... my Salsa years.

Today a friend of mine came to my little lolly shop to visit me. She is going to relocate to the states soon, San Francisco to be precise. Suddenly lots of memories came back to me after she left.

I know her during my prime years while I was crazy over Salsa dancing. And she is one of the girls i always invite to dance when i saw her in the club. In just a very short half an hour break away from my work in the shop, we didn't talk a lot, but enough to bring back lots of memories of those salsa days. 

In fact, every time both of us catch up, we never fail to laugh at ourselves for those crazy days. During those days, I was a carefree man. Crazy over dancing and dance almost 6 days a week.

And cannot forget those time when i used to perform with a dance team who probably the most "happening" team during that time.

And because of some interesting opportunities,  I had some collaboration with the organiser of Los Angeles Salsa Congress due to my business/trade, I wasinvited to Los Angeles during the Salsa Congress and given a booth to promote my products. And because of the special arrangement, it gives me chances to get close to pretty babes... like this...

Those days are clearly over... but the memories will stay. Days of dance and roses....
And days of intensive training before performances with many nice friends....

Honestly speaking, i hope to say the skill stays too, but it doesn't. I used to have 999,999 Salsa moves in my head while i can have a dance consecutively for an hour without repeating a move.... but now i struggling to even remember one.

Never regret having those crazy days, and hope more beautiful days are ahead of both my friend and me as she relocate to San Francisco. Bon Voyage! Really hope to see her soon and by then... will i still reminiscing my salsa days or will i be recalling today meeting her when i was crazy over making lollies?

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