Sunday 29 June 2014

Chicken rice restaurant that is older than my lao bey (father)...

Recently I am getting a bit "retro". After the success launching of my Ding Ding Candy recently (check my previous blog), I just tried making Bing-Tang-Hu-Lu (冰糖葫芦; sugar coated fruits) today with much success. Will do another blog about my bing-tang-hu-lu attempt.
After the successful attempt and complete sold out for the first batch of our Bing-Tang-Hu-Lu, we decided to end the day early and go for our dinner! Since we are all so into "retro mood" recently, we have decided to go to places with some history. So we end up at Yet Con, the "ancient" Hainanese Chicken Rice that being around since 1940.

At the entrance of the door is this old signage that reminds you of those old Hong Kong Cha-Chan-Tang (茶餐厅)...

At the door was two tourists (sounds like from Hong Kong) contemplating on where to eat and looking at the same signage as I was. So I kapo-ed a bit and told them this is an old restaurant that worth a visit, hence they walked in almost immediately hearing what I told them.
As usual, this place is fully packed... Luckily enough, my colleagues that came together went in earlier than me (while I busy taking photos outside) and earlier than that two tourists too, end up i just have to walk in and have a seat while that two tourists waited almost few minutes before they got a place...

This place serve very traditional Hainanese style chicken rice...

From the wall tiles to the utensils used, even the lightings reflect how "historical" this place is! This place doesn't have upbeat music, no karaoke LCD screens... just very vintage tables and vintage chairs you will find in coffee shop of the 70s.

And the old uncle behind the cashier (still wondering is he the boss?) still uses abacus to calculate the price!...
And of course, i am honoured to have a selfie with him... errr... does he knows i am taking a selfie with him?
And one interesting thing we observed, the whole place is run by old aunties and old uncles. It was always rumoured that this place will stop eventually since these old uncles and aunties cannot find people to take over the restaurant too. Being in the service and retail line myself, i understand why is that so. Nowadays youngsters like to be seated and served, but the dilemma is the youth doesn't want to serve.

Time to order my food...
Didn't order a lot... just a mini steam boat for two, roast pork and chicken for two. Of course... Chicken rice is a must.

Not easy to find chicken rice with so thick meat nowadays. Usu nowadays the common trick is using the chopper to smack the meat to looks wider yet thinner... At Yet Con, the chicken is still served thick and meaty. The chicken doesn't serve with sauce on it thou... a little bit dry to my standard. But you can taste clearly the taste of the chicken meat. The roast pork is a little bit saltish but goes really well with the rice. Below the roast pork belly is some sourish vegetables. Compliment the oily pork belly pretty well too.

Chicken rice is nice. You can see from the photo how nice the grain is. And every piece of rice is nicely coated with chicken taste. Gives you the strong chicken fragrance chicken rice should have.

Steam boat is nice especially the soup. It taste really clean, clear and yummy. At the time i writing this blog, i don't feel thirsty which is a good sign of either less msg or no msg. The soup taste really like a house cooked one, making the overall dining a very pleasant one.

Overall, the dining experience is a complete one. 
From the decoration till the taste of the food. 
It really brings you back to the early years of Singapore.

As I leaving the place, it makes me wonder... Will I still have the chance to come back again?

 My little neighbourhood lolly shop is located at Plaza Singapura, and surrounding me in the mall are lots of interesting eateries and restaurants. I have seen many restaurant come and go. Some of them closed down overnight without us knowing why. All these taught me one thing, cherish whatever restaurant or food you have when you have it. Even if I don't have a chance to come back to Yet Con, I must say I had a wonderful dinner today. Nothing beats the feeling of properly seated and have a proper meals with all the beautiful people in my life. While appreciating the services these old folks are giving us... should we also reflect... where are all our youth? When all the youth only wanted to be served, and eventually the older ones will leave us all... who is going to serve?

Yet Con Chicken Rice and Restaurant
Address: 25 Purvis Street Singapore 188602

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